Megasoft Systems Inc. is a Software Development and consulting company founded in 2005, in Cleveland Ohio, by the group of experienced professionals. Within a short period, MSI has grown into one of the most reputed companies in the IT industry. Today its activities cover a whole range of services including Development, Consulting, Engineering design and project planning and preparation, technical assistance and training, advisory services and all aspects of project implementation. MSI has an efficient operational system backed by devoted experts with adequate experience. The competence of our staff, our commitment to high standards and our proven ability to tackle complex assignments even under difficult circumstances have been well appreciated by our clients worldwide. Quality Assurance and Quality Control plans are part of the corporate quality policy of MSI and are implemented by its units on all projects and programs.

Megasoft provides individualized attention to each customer and associates. Megasoft strives to be a strategic business partner focused on creating business solutions to assist customers in accomplishing their corporate objectives.