Our consultants combine deep functional expertise with practical experience from the frontlines to provide our clients with consulting services that drive real impact and results.

Megasoft systems provided leadership in some gray areas of the business that needed definition. They created clarity in ambiguous situations, were effective quickly, and built allies across our organization.


Project Leadership Services
Our clients look to us to design and lead their most strategic initiatives, ensuring measurable impact and tangible results. Megasoft Systems delivers a proven, repeatable risk assessment process that gives you a holistic view of your organization’s most critical challenges to sustainability and growth. We provide pragmatic, effective recommendations to mitigate those risks. Our risk assessment process is led by Megasoft Systems experienced risk management practitioners and project leaders. We assess risk factors and impacts acrossthe organization within the context of strategic plans, operations, and project delivery, focusing squarely on business outcomes. Leveraging our deep expertise in strategy, project management, risk management and operations, we generate relevant, executable recommendations for solving the challenges that are have slowed or stopped progress.

Our approach, tools and leadership provide both the structure and flexibility to get to the root cause of an organization’s pain points. We develop a roadmap to mitigate future risks and realign a troubled business line or project. As a neutral third party, we can assess risk from outside the organization’s political landscape and provide objective recommendations.

We start by conducting a detailed assessment of three critical success elements: stakeholder alignment, business readiness and delivery readiness. We identify key themes, issues and risks. Based on our findings and your needs, we solicit input from relevant Megasoft Systems subject matter experts for best practice comparisons and recommendations. Furthermore, we validate our final analysis with you and your team, to gather your insights for our action plan.

The outcome: an action plan. We deliver a scorecard and assessment summary together with prioritized recommendations. In addition, we deliver an actionable implementation plan for addressing risks, so you can keep your initiatives driving toward success. In some cases, you may even terminate an initiative, based on the insightful decision criteria produced by Megasoft Systems.


Business Technology
Our Business Technology consultants aid clients in setting their technology strategies and realizing the full potential of their IT investments.


Marketing & Product Management
We help our clients develop in-depth customer insights and translate them into marketing and product management strategies that drive sustainable, organic growth.


Mergers & Acquisitions
By combining industry expertise with M&A execution skills, we help our clients conduct effective diligence processes, prepare for critical close and day one activities, and develop and implement a “first 100 days” plan.


Operations & Process Improvement
Our OPI practice assists clients in solving complex strategic and operational problems, from diagnosis through implementation, and beyond. Our consultants include experts in Lean, Six Sigma and other methodologies.


Organizational Effectiveness
We work with our clients to tackle their most important organizational challenges, building competitive advantage through superior talent management, leadership development, and organizational design.


Digital Services
We help organizations to think digitally. Coupled with a solid execution plan, a well-conceptualized digital strategy will increase brand loyalty, save development costs, accelerate speed to market, and simplify support.


At Megasoft systems, we have helped our clients to develop and execute on their strategy for almost 11 years. We’ve worked with Fortune 100 companies, start-ups and just about everything in between.