Megasoft Systems, Inc. has been providing IT Professional Services to all our clients all over U.S. since 2005. Megasoft provides individualized attention to each of its client’s needs and deploys the best quality through the right resources at the right time and for the right cost. We have built a core business around: IBM Mainframe, Data Warehousing, ERP, Client Server Development, and Administration, Pharma, Finance and Accounting, Healthcare, Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistics etc.

Our clients often allude to us as the “big, small firm,” as we offer the dexterity associated with smaller enterprises boosted with the expert knowledge that a ‘heavy-weight’ firm would fashion. When faced with matters of contention or innovation, we equip you with ascertainable, cost-efficient solutions that uniquely fit your company’s needs. Our company proudly and efficiently functions with a low overhead cost model which in turn passes on the monetary efficiency to both our customers and consultants alike. Exhibiting years of business stability, industry growth, and cutting-edge technology, we create and institute smart business strategies and technology solutions that encourage quantifiable business value and create long lasting return on investment.


What Makes Us Run!

Working with our clients on inventive and exciting projects is what gets us up in the morning–that sweet spot of ambitious work and passionate people. We love getting deep into every phase of your project from idea to design to build. With us there are no surprises or long delays, just fantastic results.